Friday, May 13, 2011

Riverside High School End of Year Celebration

More than 100 Riverside High School students were named Ayers Scholars during The Ayers Foundation annual End of Year Celebration Thursday. The Ayers Foundation provides last-dollar scholarships up to $4,000 per year to local high school students who wish to pursue post-secondary education. The Foundation also provides counselor support in an effort to make college more accessible to students. According to Bob Obrohta, Director of The Ayers Foundation Scholars Program, more than 85 percent of the 2011 class will be attending four year and two year institutions or technical schools. Nearly a dozen students plan to attend the local UT Martin Parsons Center.

Jim Ayers, who established The Ayers Foundation in 1999, spoke to graduates on the importance of becoming a success.“How you handle yourselves the next few years will determine the course of your life for the next sixty years,” Ayers told this year’s scholars. He encouraged them to study hard and get their degree, leading them on a path toward a successful life. “I want every one of you to promise yourselves,” he added. “This, you’re going to do right.” The Ayers Foundation has awarded more than $6 million in scholarships to more than 1000 students in the last 12 years.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Scott's Hill High School End of Year Celebration

The Ayers Foundation Scholar's Program, now in its 12th successful year, hosted a celebration evening for the 2010 Ayers Foundation Scholars from Scott's Hill High School. Before The Ayers Foundation Scholars Program began less than 28% of students were attending a post secondary institution. Today, 96 percent go on to attend higher education after graduating. During the celebration, the 2010 graduates received personalized plaques from The Ayers Foundation. Bob Obrohta, Director of The Ayers Foundation Scholars Program and Belinda Reed, The Ayers Foundation Scholars Program Counselor from Scotts Hill High School presented the plaques. Belinda Reed also acknowledged scholarships that students have received from outside organizations and their future choice of college/university.

Jim Ayers, who founded The Ayers Foundation in 1999, challenged each student that the decisions they make right now will most likely affect the quality of their life for the next 60 years. "For tonight's purpose you are adults. One excuse has now been eliminated on whether or not you can continue your education - the excuse that you could not afford to go to school - but it is now up to each of you what you do with your future." stated Ayers.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Ayers Foundation Offer Two Events for Teens

The Ayers Foundation recently hosted two events for high school students in Decatur, Henderson and Perry County. Be Your Own Hero "More to this Life" and "Maxmizie Your Strength" events encourage teens to find balance and set goals for their future. The events took place in Decaturville, Tennessee on April 28th and 29th. To read more about this event, click here